We care about your possessions

Once luggage leaves your hands, it is in expert care. We treat your possessions with the best possible care as if it were our own. 

Climate Control

Meet Albert Little, our climate control expert. Albert extracts up-to 10 liters of water a day from the humid tropical air we have in Bali. This extracting of water will keep humidity below 60% where mold has no opportunity to grow (the humidity levels in Bali range between 70% to 90% depending on dry vs. wet season).

Keeping humidity levels down also eliminates any chance of bugs that can only thrive in a humid environment.

Help us make Albert’s job to fight humidity easier by avoiding packing items in plastic bags. Although it might seem like plastic is more protective against water damage than suitcases or bags, the opposite is really true. Plastic can trap humidity and moisture and speed up the mildew/mold process.

Packing Materials

If  you are short of suitcases or bags to stuff your things in then we have two sizes of cardboard boxes available.

  • Medium size box – 34cm x 28cm x 18cm – Rp 20,000 per box
  • Large size box – 40cm x 35cm x 30cm – Rp 25,000 per box

Each box comes with a roll of adhesive tape.

Luggage Padlock

We sell funky, colourful and easily recognizable Yale Padlocks. These high quality padlocks are made out of a tough solid body with an easy to use 3-digit combination lock.

These padlocks are available at Rp 99,000 per padlock.

With or without padlock, your luggage will always be secure regardless whether it is locked or not.